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Ventura Keys, Ventura’s Waterfront Community

The Backstory: Some Personal, Some Historical

I was very fortunate to spend much of my childhood in the Ventura Keys. My grandparents bought some of the original homes and lots available there back in the mid-1960s, eventually settling on Reef, right at the tip of the ‘Island’ as its commonly referred to.

Although it has been around for over 50 years, not much has changed, exact property values of course. On a clear day you can still hear the friendly debates over east facing vs. west facing docks among Keys residents. East facing homes feature shade in the afternoon, while west facing homes patios are warmed by the afternoon sun. Families still flock to ‘Little Beach’ and ‘Big Beach’ with children scampering in the waves just as generations of children before them. The custom of waving has also not been lost as each boater never makes it through a Keys channel without a wave or two from the homes above.

The holidays are made extra special as boats are decorated from head to toe with Christmas decorations including some impressive lighting all in the spirit of the Parade of Lights celebration held every year in the Ventura Harbor. An appearance by Santa flying overhead brings the evening to its yuletide crescendo.

The Ventura Keys Appeal

There is just something about waking up and looking out on the channel, boats gracefully whisking by that just makes the world a better place. There is a sense of luxury, but not in a pretentious unapproachable way. A country club feel, but all are welcomed and appreciated. As I said, this is a community of wavers and smilers. Young families, hard working professionals, and retirees all commune here.


In a way the location of the Ventura Keys really does offer the best of both worlds. You wave the boat docks, the peacefulness, the allure all while being a short walk or bike ride away from the sandy beaches of Pierpont Bay. It is like having a beach house without sweeping sand from your entry every evening. Not a bad way to enjoy a coastal lifestyle, is it?

Ventura Keys Real Estate

Homes come in many shapes and sizes. The biggest draw, of course, are the boat dock homes on the water. From quaint single story homes to expansive modern mansions there is quite a variety to choose from. Since these are in such high demand they tend to sell quickly, especially when found in their original late 1960s condition. Prices range from $1,000,000-$2,400,000 right at this moment.


You have inboard homes (homes that aren’t on the water) as well which offer a more affordable option while still feeling like you are a part of the Ventura Keys dynamic. Some homes have their own waterways by way of pools and spas and again are a healthy balance of original and renewed. These sell for $850,000 and less depending on the condition.

Not to be left out, by any means, are the income producing duplexes. Configured in both 3 and 2 bedroom options, these units rarely sit vacant as many Ventura residents flock to the opportunity to be a part of the Keys. There are a few Ventura Keys residents who own a home and duplex to keep things lively from a personal and financial perspective. These typically sell in the $750,000-$900,000 range, again based on condition and market conditions.

Your Ventura Keys Agents

When real estate came calling and I asked myself, where do I want to to work, the answer was clear. Why not focus my attention on an area I know very well, steeped in history, and, believe it or not, an affordable waterfront community.

I didn’t go it alone, as any good boater knows you can’t bring a sizable boat into dock by yourself. Maybe you could, but it is much easier with a teammate. I was fortunate enough to find a teammate with 40 years of real estate experience named Jeff Roundy. He too expressed an interest in working the Keys and just like that, Ventura Beach Properties was born.


We quickly launched a website and began reaching out to Ventura Keys residents both met and unmet and were able to sell 2 boat dock homes, just a few doors, or should I say docks, down from one another. Both original owners, both knew my grandparents well and had a fun story or two to tell along the way.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ventura Keys or have any questions about the community, please head over to our contact page and Jeff and I will be happy to help you.

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