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East vs West: The Great Dockside Debate

I’ll never forget reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid.  Instead of having to read a story from start to finish as the author intended, the reader was in the driver seat.  At every turn in the plot of the story you’d be presented with a choice.  “If you think the knight should fight the dragon go to page 35, if you think the knight should seek the help of a wizard go to page 52”.  It was then I realized the power of choice.

We are our choices.   – Jean-Paul Sartre

As a culture we find definition and identity in what we choose.  Republican or Democrat?  Coke or Pepsi?  iPhone or Android?  Edward or Jacob?

When we choose we are revealing a bit about ourselves and align ourselves with the rest of those who make the same choice.  Many of us introduce ourselves as our choices.  “I’m a Country music guy” or “I’m a pick up truck kind of girl”.  Suddenly those around you can draw some pretty accurate conclusions as to the type of person you are.  Even better, we feel so strongly about our choices that we also try to bring people to our side of the dividing line.

Ever have anyone tell you how great something is and before you know it your wearing that thing as a t-shirt?  You might find yourself feeling even stronger about your side of the fence after someone tries to pull you over it.

No place has this battle of choice been more rampant than among the residents of the Ventura Keys.  No, it’s not inboard or outboard or gas versus diesel.  It is East vs. West and the lines have been drawn.

Here’s how the two breakdown.  Choose wisely.

East Facing Docks

As philosophy tells us those who prefer East are people in control of their desires, they appreciate looking inside for answers to their existence.  It suddenly makes sense why those people choose and East facing dock.  These are people that like a cool breeze, the other side of the pillow, or the cold sand underneath their beach chair?


East facing docks feature the cool, afternoon shade.  As the sun sets into the Pacific behind them the house becomes a natural shield from the sun and wind making the patio a welcome solace.  The world may be wrought with peril around them, but there on their dock it is peaceful and allows the perfect opportunity for self reflection and hopefully a cocktail.

West Facing Docks

Western philosophy is more adventurous where people are looking outside to achieve their life vision.  They don’t need to escape their environments, they rather would be in the middle of it, completely comfortable with their future being uncertain.  They don’t mind a sunburn, enjoy the whistle of the wind in their ears, and brave the hot sand at the beach without the protection of sandals.


West facing docks welcome the afternoon sun and ocean breezes.  The facade of the back of their homes glow with warmth, gently cooled by the gusts of the Pacific.  Some homeowners even add sun rooms garnering more energy from the sun’s rays, their Western individualism however makes it difficult to find two alike.

Two Docks, One Love

Both sides might be separated by the historic makeup of our world, but their is one common unifying factor that brings them all together.  It is their passionate love of the water and the amazing lifestyle the Ventura Keys offers that takes two completely different world views into a singular, floating faith.  No further debate needed.

Should you want to join the discussion or learn more about the Ventura Keys, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to present both sides very fairly.

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