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Is it a challenge to sell a beachfront or boat dock home? You bet. It takes a system of strategies to attract, engage, and convert a potential homebuyer in this day and age. The days of putting it up on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) followed by a swarm of buyers doesn’t happen very often. Whether it be a charming bungalow or sprawling beachfront estate it requires the right marketing, pricing, and negotiating strategy to successfully close.

Our Listing Presentation

Pricing Strategy

We ask in the first meeting, ‘do you want to sell now or do you want to sell in 6-12 months?’  Most answer ‘now’.  That is accomplished with pricing strategy.  Anyone can look at comps and come up with a ballpark value, Jeff and Sam are different.  They look at each intricate detail of your home, ask a lot of questions, study the market, poll their database and then, they come to their sellers with a number.  A number that will generate looks, motivate action, and work within current market conditions.  It takes a realistic, honest agent to look at it this way, motivated by client satisfaction rather than potential commission.

Marketing Strategy

social mediaThis is where it gets fun.  As stated before Jeff & Sam will study all the unique features of your home to get a price, however we are also doing so for the sake of the marketing strategy Jeff & Sam will be implementing.  Starting with professional, eye-catching photos followed by an engaging property website, we set the stage for what is to be foundation of our campaign selling your home.

We first reach out to our community, the agents that follow the market, and invite them to preview your home.  This gets the buzz going and is quickly followed by a push to the general public.  After gauging feedback from both the agents and public at large we can now key in on those unique features that help us find the right buyer for your home.  For instance if you have a boat dock, we will want to appeal to a market segment of buyers who are interested in or currently are boaters.  Why chase after buyers that don’t fit?  Marketing dollars are better allocated and the results speak for themselves.

Tools like social media give us the ultimate access to potential buyers and Jeff and Sam leverage it very well.  Sam comes from 8 years of online marketing experience  and brings his talents to the table on every transaction.  Social media is a particular area of interest and he especially loves its targeting ability to find buyers for homes.  For instance, does your home have a unique feature like a wine cellar only a connoisseur could love?  Why not blast your home to wine aficionados nearby?  This technology not only is available, but is highly effective, especially in the case of luxury real estate.  Homes of this nature require more than just the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and the like to sell.

Negotiating Strategy

Getting into escrow is half the battle, maybe even a quarter.  The magic happens in the midst of an escrow.  This is where it is paramount to have an agent on your side that is experienced, connected, and ready to fight.  Every deal has something come up that hinders close and it is the agent on your side that will make the difference between close and back to the drawing board.  Jeff is a skilled negotiator and very much so, a closer.  With over 30 years of experience at his beckoned call there is rarely something he hasn’t seen and therefore can quickly come up with a solution that keeps things on track.

Let’s Get Together & Talk About Your Home

We are happy to have you come by our office or visit you at your home and talk about the market, your home’s potential value, and our marketing strategy anytime!  Best way to get started is to fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.  We look forward to being your Ventura real estate agents.

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