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Dockside Living: Have Your Boat in the Backyard

What’s the point of having a boat if you have to drive for an hour to get to it? At Ventura Keys, you get to live right on the docks so your boat is in your backyard. Every day is a great day when you get to spend it on a ship. Here are a few other benefits to dockside living.

The Fresh Sea Air

The sound of seagulls and the fresh smell of the sea air greets you every morning. Every night when you go to bed, you get lulled to sleep by the gentle sound of waves. It’s hard to understand how tranquil living at the dock is until you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Keeping an Eye on Your Boat

When you have to store your boat miles away from you at a marina, you have to trust that the staff would let you know if major damage occurred. The hours of worry after a vicious storm is quite stressful. Ventura Keys dockside living allows you to step outside and immediately see whether you need to address issues with your boat. It’s easy to stay on top of preventative maintenance or patch up the damage caused by wind, hail and rain.

You can also set your own security standards and keep an eye on who goes near on onboard your boat. You never quite know what’s happening when your boat is tied up miles away, but you do when you have a window that overlooks it. Enjoy that peace of mind.

Going Out on the Water Whenever You Want

You don’t have to endure any logistical leaps to sail whenever you feel like it when you’re living at the dock. Step outside, go a few feet, and you can set sail within 10 minutes. The sense of freedom that comes from this convenience is one of the most incredible feelings you could ask for.

Watersports Fun

Of course, dockside living has advantages that don’t just involve boats. If you love to surf and jet-ski, you’re never going to want to leave home. Who needs to go on vacation when everything you want is right in your backyard?

Start the day off by inviting all of your friends over for a dockside cookout, then continue well into the evening with all kinds of outdoor recreation. Everyone’s going to want to come over for your parties.

Connect With Other Sailing Lovers

The best part about having a boat dock is that most of your neighbors also own boats. You can find out about their favorite places to sail, the types of boat equipment they recommend and the best times of year to enjoy Ventura Keys. You’re not just getting a house with the water right in your backyard. You’re gaining entry into a boating community that loves the water as much as you do.

Dockside living might not have been at the top of your mind when you started looking for a place to live or vacation. The advantages of having a dock in your backyard are hard to pass up when you have a boat that you love to sail. It’s time to open up the doors and take a deep breath of that sea air. You’ll never have this kind of experience anywhere else.

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