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Ventura Keys

Boat Dock Homes since 1964


Ventura Keys is one of the most sought-after areas on the coast of California, not only because many of the homes here have beach front and water front views, but also because of how close it is to the shopping, dining, and night life of Ventura itself. It has all the beauty of living on a secluded key, without the inconvenience of being far away from city life. In Ventura Keys, you will enjoy the access to both the salty ocean air and the perfectly blue water that blends into beautiful sky, as well as the close proximity to downtown. There are a variety of different home styles to choose from, so finding one that fits your needs is not difficult, even if what you need is private access to the water or a vacant lot to build your dream home.

Ventura Keys History


Ventura Keys has only been around for about fifty years, opening in 1964 for development. While there are still a few lots left vacant, waiting for the right buyer to build a beautiful home, most houses date back to the 60’s, though the vast majority have seen some remodeling recently, to keep them updated to appeal to new buyers.

Over the years since its inception, Ventura Keys has developed into a community within a community, with its own unique culture and climate.

From the very beginning, the Keys have been home to sailors and their families, because the entire community was developed around the docks.  As the years have gone on, it hasn’t lost that spirit as a whole new generation of boaters have embraced that culture and see to it that Ventura Keys will maintain that spirit for years to come.


Ventura Keys Real Estate

Ventura Keys has a wide variety of different lots, some rather modest, and some very large. There are properties both on and off the water, but the only houses with their own docks are single family dwellings. Duplexes can be found in the off-water section.

The houses with their own docks range wildly in size, to accommodate residents who do not need more than a few thousand square feet, to giant waterfront mansion for those looking to live the extravagant life. While many of the homes from the original 1965 development do remain, almost all have seen some updating since those early days.

Ventura Keys Lifestyle

ventura-keys3This community is perfectly poised between the water and the bustling city, to make it one of the most popular residential areas in Ventura. Because the size and costs of homes is so widely varied, it’s no surprise to discover that people from all walks of life have flocked to this thriving harbor. The focus of the entire area is the water, with its docks and plentiful waterfront homes.

Though the area may feel secluded, you are actually not far from the city, with easy access to the 101 which will take you right into downtown Ventura. It’s central position makes it highly desirable, as residents can easily take the boat out of a spin and then drive into town for a dinner at their favorite restaurant.


Ventura Keys Homes for Sale

Here is a snapshot of the most recent listings in Ventura Keys.  If you would like more information on Ventura Keys, please contact us.

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