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Solimar Beach

Out of all of the communities in Ventura, and even world-famous Rincon, the most exclusive and most luxurious is Solimar Beach. With only two homes in the entire colony that do not have direct access to the beach, no matter where you live in Solimar, you will feel as though you have your own private beach, and in many ways you do!

Unlike some other beachfront communities in Ventura, there are no restrictions how high the homes can be, because there are only two homes built behind the beachfront properties, and so there is no view to obstruct! Solimar Beach is one of the best beaches for walking or running, with more wet, sandy coastline that just about any other beach. Even if you just prefer to sit and watch the tide come in, no area is better than this one.

Solimar Beach History

Solimar Beach Colony is one of the newest communities in Ventura, and any of the houses that might have in the area before it really became developed have either been completely renovated or torn down now. The area is near Rincon Beach, which is world-renowned for its great surfing and is part of the reason that Solimar even exists. Rincon and Solimar have been immortalized in The Beach Boy songs, and the 1950s is really when this beach finds its way onto the map. While it was a few years before the gorgeous houses of the colony began to be built, this place was also destined for a beautiful development to match the beautiful views.

Solimar Beach Real Estate

Because all of the homes are right on the beach, the colony feels much more open than other communities. Solimar Beach Colony really lives up to its name—the residents feel less like they are living in a housing development and more like they are living in a colony of friends, where each person has their own piece of the beach. The colony has a total of sixty houses, fifty eight of which are beachfront. There is no other community in Ventura that can give you that same kind of ratio of beachfront properties to non-beachfront properties.

Solimar Beach is a gated community, but that does not make it any less welcoming. The beaches alone are some of the best beaches in the world, and the houses are some of the finest beach houses in California.

Solimar Beach Lifestyle

Besides the houses themselves, there are parks, tennis courts, and even gardens that the community shares. Because the colony is so small, it is also tightly knit, and the owners take great pride in both their homes and the colony as a whole. Those who live in Solimar Beach appreciate the finer things in life, and that is reflected in the elegance of the homes and in the luxury of the lifestyle here. Everything is high end, top of the line, or the best of the best.

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