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Rincon Beach

A highway full of heartstopping homes with an ocean for your backyard

Rincon Beach has served as inspiration for many Beach Boys songs, and for good reason. The surf is world famous and avid surfers have been gathering to this beach for a century to experience the waves. The Rincon Beach community is fairly exclusive, completely with a gate and private beach areas, adjoining the public beach. Rincon is the last official community that belongs to Ventura, before the land becomes part of Santa Barbara County. Besides there amazing surf, the beaches in this area are famous for their soft, wet sand, and for their unspoiled beauty. While some of the beaches traveling back towards Ventura are rockier, which may not be as nice for an afternoon stroll, but also have some of the best waves in the area.

Rincon Beach History

rincon beachThe history of Rincon Beach begins in the first swell of popularity for surfing. The beach has been a gathering place for lovers of the ocean since the early fifties, and has since become one of the most iconic beaches not just in Ventura, but in all of California.

Storms in Northern California have always meant great waves at Rincon. The gated community, like the waves below, has become one of the best in the world, with incredible ocean views and even a guard at the gate to make sure the community is safe.

If you are looking for the one of the most exclusive and timeless beach communities the California coastline has to offer, then look no further than Rincon Beach.  Your favorite Beach Boys song has just come to life.

Rincon Beach Real Estate

The community near this beach is called Rincon Point, which is a collection of seventy-two residences. Behind the gates that protect the community from the outside world, there are single family homes (of which there are sixty-four, along with eight townhouses. Half of these homes are right on the beach and the others are within a few steps.

There is also another community near Rincon Beach called Solimar Beach Colony, which is even more exclusive than Rincon Point.  All of these homes are updated, and there is a homeowner’s association which most owners are part of, in order to help pay for whatever maintenance the community may need. Near the homes, there is an enclave kept specifically for the use of the Rincon Point residents, though the beaches beyond this enclave are public. While there are no restaurants or shops in the area, they are within driving distance.

Rincon Beach Lifestyle

rincon beach

Rincon Beach is one of the most exclusive communities in the area, not just because of the gate. The homes themselves, with their spectacular and unrivaled ocean views, are expensive, but definitely worth the money. The atmosphere of the community hearkens back to the early days of beach communities.

Everyone knows everyone by name. It is a very inclusive community, and as high end and beautiful as any other community in Ventura. When you live this close to the beach, the beach is your backyard, so a love of the water is a must.

Rincon, Solimar & Faria Beach Homes for Sale

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