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Faria Beach

Faria Beach is another exclusive colony along the world famous Rincon Beach area. Most of the houses in this community are built right on the edge of the beach, and at high tide, the waves will lap right at the decks of these houses. At low tide, a beautiful beach is revealed, with sand perfect for making sand castles.

The majority of homes here are built on beachfront, with about a third that are not on the beach, but do have access to the beach, by means of a short walk down to the water. Faria Beach is technically two separate communities, with half of the houses here enclosed in a gated community. There is also a campground near the community, which can be used by anyone visiting the beach.

Faria Beach History

This area of Ventura is named after Manual Faria, who owned a ranch near the beach in the early 1900’s. He and the other ranchers here leased land for their cattle, and eventually were allowed to purchase the land for their personal use. After the ranching industry moved on to other parts of California, the area served as a summer camp for children. By the 1930’s, summer cabins had been built along the beach, which were leased out to families and individuals from inland who wanted the beachfront experience for a summer. Real houses were not built until the 1980’s, and the Faria Beach community developed from there.

Faria Beach Real Estate

Faria Beach’s gated community has a total of forty-eight houses, thirty on the beach, and eighteen off. Because is more than one layer of houses looking down on the beach, the beachfront houses are required to be less than twelve feet tall (just one story), in order to allow the beach to be seen from the second story of any house that is not beachfront. This gated area has dedicated tennis courts and parks, just for resident use.

The non-gated community has 120 homes, of which more than 90% are beachfront. This area can be accessed directly from the highway, making it easy to access either Santa Barbara or Ventura, with beautiful lines of sandy beach, up and down both the gated and non-gated areas.

Faria Beach Lifestyle

Sharing and community are a large part of the atmosphere in Faria. Though every house does not open out right onto the beach, the residents are more than willing to share their views and their sand with those who do not live on beachfront property. Because the beach is so close and the water often comes right up to the back porch, the outdoors are very important to the residents of Faria Beach, with many enjoying the surf and the sun. The nearby campground also provides a great place to experience sleeping under the stars.

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