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Rincon, Solimar & Faria Beach

Surf, sand, & seclusion in one spectacular oceanfront package

rincon beach

Rincon Beach

Rincon Beach has served as inspiration for many Beach Boys songs, and for good reason. The surf is world famous and avid surfers have been gathering to this beach for a century to experience the waves. The Rincon Beach community is fairly exclusive, completely with a gate and private beach areas, adjoining the public beach.

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Solimar Beach

Out of all of the communities in Ventura, and even world-famous Rincon, the most exclusive and most luxurious is Solimar Beach. With only two homes in the entire colony that do not have direct access to the beach, no matter where you live in Solimar, you will feel as though you have your own private beach, and in many ways you do!

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Faria Beach

Faria Beach is another exclusive colony along the world famous Rincon Beach area. Most of the houses in this community are built right on the edge of the beach, and at high tide, the waves will lap right at the decks of these houses. At low tide, a beautiful beach is revealed, with sand perfect for making sand castles.

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What Our Clients Say

Beck Selzer
These two guys went way beyond the call of duty to assist me with every detail of the transaction.  I feel that without their individual perseverance, knowledge and experience I would not be the proud new owner of my dream beach house in Ventura.