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Pierpont Beach

Eclectic mix of bungalows and custom homes steps from the sand

Image by David Pu’u

Pierpont Beach hearkens back to a simpler time, both in atmosphere and in architecture. In close proximity both to the water and to the bustle of downtown Ventura, residents will find that they have the best of both worlds—the small town vibe, without the small town seclusion. The homes themselves have a vintage ambiance, which works for Pierpont, as it is situated along the beach and the 1950’s and classic beach culture seem to go hand in hand. While you can leave the community to grocery shop and dine, there are plenty of great restaurants and local produce stands in the area. Many businesses call this area home, but they in no way detract from the spirit of the area itself, instead, adding to the value of the community.

Pierpont Beach History

pierpont-beach4This community was founded in the early 1950s, and the community still reflects that inclusive, small town, friendly atmosphere.  Born in the original heyday of surfing Pierpont Beach became an extremely desirable place to call home.

While it has expanded a little over the years, everything in Pierpont is within walking distance. Since the area was opened for development, people have been flocking to the seaside community, building houses of all sizes. Some newer houses reflect more modern designs and many have been updated in order to keep up with real estate trends.  The result is an eclectic mix of homes that make up the very spirit of Ventura, come as you are.

Pierpont Beach still has a heavy focus on the outdoors, with biking paths, parks, and water access at the focal point of the neighborhood.  Much of Ventura’s rich history has taken place on this solemn ground.  Sam Benner himself, was born and raised on Pierpont Beach in the late 70s.

Pierpont Beach Real Estate

It seems that in planning Pierpont Beach’s layout, the city developers were very concerned with ensuring that citizens had ample access to the beautiful beach that gives this community its name. More than thirty of the streets and avenues in Pierpont connect the main drag to the water. The homes in Pierpont beach range from cottages dating back to the early days of the development, to new, larger, beachfront properties. Prices vary depending on how large the home is and how close it is to the water, with all of the homes near the beach being the most expensive. Even if a specific house does not rest directly on the water, most have spectacular views of the ocean and easy access to the soft sand and surf.

Pierpont Beach Lifestyle

Pierpont Beach is proud of its small town charm. The people are friendly and the temperate days are fantastic for taking a stroll along the beach or through downtown. From produce stands selling locally grown fruit and vegetables, to bike paths with beautiful views of the coast, few locales can beat Pierpont Beach.

No matter where you live in Pierpont Beach, the water is never far away, and neither is anything else. While many would give up the convenience of being close to the city in order to live near the beach, this community does not ask you to do that!

Pierpont Beach Homes for Sale

Here are the most recent listings in Pierpont Beach.  If you are interested in learning more about Pierpont Beach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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