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5 Ways to Beat the Heat in Ventura, CA

The first day of Summer sure didn’t disappoint today did it?  Luckily Ventura offers many ways to beat the heat and enjoy the wonderful coastline we are so lucky to have nearby.  Here’s our top 5 ways to cool down.

1. Marina Park


A sandy beach and grassy park all rolled in to one.  Located at the south end of Pierpont, Marina Park has a couple signature amenities, including large, beached ship complete with zip line.  Most Venturans can trace their childhoods back to riding the zip line for hours and hours on the many sunny beach days we have here.  Parking is easy and usually very available which leads to a large grassy field complete with picnic tables. and plenty of room to toss a frisbee around or setup a serious game or cornhole.  Beach access is nearby, but don’t expect very large surf.  Great for the little ones who are just getting their sea legs.

2. Ventura Pier


It doesn’t get more Ventura than the pier.  Originally built in 1872, the pier is the perfect backdrop for a sunset stroll.  As you walk along you can get a little peak of the Pacific below between the wooden planks.  At the very end of the pier is a great observation deck with a cutout down to the ocean and one my personal favorite views as you turn back and look at the city of Ventura behind you.  If you like to fish you have found a great spot to drop hook, line and sinker and no matter if you catch a big one or not, the beautiful views of the Ventura coastline will help you pass the time.  You can park at the paid lot below the pier or in nearby downtown Ventura in one of the free downtown lots and walk across the freeway.  A perfect end to the day can be found at Beach House Tacos located at the entrance to the pier where some tortilla wrapped goodness and a nice, cold beer (if that’s your thing) are awaiting you.

3. Downtown Ventura


Ventura is the fortunate recipient of a very unique feature, a downtown directly adjacent to the Ventura coastline.  Filled with unique and engaging shops and restaurants it is a great way to take in many different experiences all in one afternoon.  Remiss of a bunch of big box stores, many locations are good ol’ mom & pop shops where you have the opportunity to meet the owner and get a personalized shopping experience.  From the motorcycle and nautically inspired clothing of Iron & Resin, to the attention grabbing landscape art and photography of Latitudes there is plenty to choose from.  After a long afternoon of shopping you will need to fuel up and the selection of eateries is ample.  Lure Fishouse features a diverse menu of seafood dishes and an oyster bar to die for.  If you are looking for some California inspired cuisine then I suggest stepping into Watermark, housed in an extensively remolded historic bank building complete with open air rooftop lounge that features live music on most evenings.

4. Whale Watching


Thank goodness for Island Packers.  They’ve been providing transportation out to the Channel Islands for over 50 years.  One of their excursions gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with blue and humpback whales.  These trips start in June and continue into September.  Their boats and crew are very safe and experienced and they do the best they can to give you a great show complete with water shooting from blowholes and, if you’re extremely lucky, a breach.  An added bonus usually involves a pod of dolphins swimming along with the ship.  When the opportunity comes a longer trip to one of the nearby Channel Islands is also highly recommended.  Fun ahoy!

5. Ventura Harbor Village


This cool enclave is the perfect family getaway when things warm up.  The Ventura Harbor Village is made up of many fabulous shops, eateries, and who can forget the Village Carousel & Arcade, another key rite of passage for any Ventura youngin’.  Here you’ll the find the hat Store, a sock store, and one of the best bikini outlets in the area.  Food options abound like the Greek at the Harbor where your meal comes complete with belly dancing performances.  If you’re looking for laughs make sure you stop by the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club which books local upcoming and nationally known comedic talent.  As a firm believer in a strong dessert being necessary to finish out a hot day, make sure you stop by Coastal Cone and stack up as many of their delicious flavors as you can.

Happy first day of Summer from Ventura Beach Properties and make sure you get out and enjoy one or all of these great adventures as soon as you possibly can.

Ventura Beach Real Estate: Choose Your Community

The beaches of Faria, Solimar, Rincon, Pierpont and Ventura Keys are all part of Ventura Beach real estate. It is one of the most picturesque and luxurious real estate properties in the market right now, and every single beach has its own special characteristics that catch the eye. There are lots of choices when it comes to purchasing beach real estate in Ventura.

If you have been looking for a holiday retreat or a home near the beach, then the beaches that are a part of Ventura beach real estate offer you the best properties. The beach communities in all the beaches are simply amazing and offer great value for money as well, which is why there is such high demand for them amongst prospective property investors. If you are looking for the ultimate dream destination, Ventura Beach real estate can provide you with not 1 but 5 world-class solutions.

Rincon Beach: Surfing Paradise

Rincon Beach is definitely a familiar name, which came into fame after it was named in the Beach Boys song. Ever since then, it has managed to transform into one of the best beach communities today, and surfers from all around the United States have made it their home. There are some truly majestic and awe-inspiring surfing waves at Rincon Beach and it even offers a private section on the beach for surfers. If you really like surfing, or would like to learn surfing, a real estate property on Rincon Beach is definitely a good choice for you.

Solimar Beach: True Beauty Personified

Solimar Beach is simply stunning and is an immensely popular choice amongst the majority of people looking to purchase properties. The beach community at Solimar Beach is also extremely friendly and will make you feel right at home, which is perfect for both young and old families. You can check out the multitude of homes that are available for sale on the beach and there are plenty of vacant lots also up for grabs, which is perfect for people who want to build their own home on the beach.

Faria Beach: Your Home on the Waves

What really sets Faria Beach apart from all the rest is that nearly all the properties are located right on beach and are nearer to the ocean. During high tide, the waves will even touch the decks, and during low tide you can take pleasant and refreshing strolls on the beach and build sand castles with your children as the waves come crashing down.

There are also 2 communities in Faria Beach, one is gated and the other one is non-gated. The non-gated community has got a total of 120 houses, while the gated community has around 48 houses. The residents of both communities are extremely friendly and caring individuals, and will welcome all new residents graciously. This is the perfect beach community for new families or families with young kids.

Ventura Keys: The Ultimate Dream Destination

If you are looking for the ultimate dream destination on the beach, then Ventura Keys should be your choice. It offers everything, and the best part is that the beach is also near to the city, so people working in the city won’t be inconvenienced if they purchase real estate in Ventura Keys. If you want the perfect spot for relaxing and spending time with your family on holidays, then Ventura Keys beach real estate is made for you.

There are lots of great properties up for sale, while the beach community is friendly and courteous, which is why it is so popular amongst real estate investors today.

Pierpont Beach: Picture Perfect Beaches

If you want to live on picture perfect beaches, then Pierpont Beach real estate is the best option for you. The community dates back from the 1950s and the beach is simply majestic to look at. If you are wondering what type of properties you can find, think about the type of homes that were popular in the 1950s. Take a step back in time whilst enjoying some of the most picturesque beaches in Pierpont Beach real estate.

Jeff & Sam Want to Hear Your Thoughts

If the idea of living on the beach intrigues you and you are determined to experience heaven on earth, then you need to get in touch with Jeff and Sam. They will guide you on the high-luxury Pierpont Beach properties, and will answer all your queries regarding the community, safety, price of properties and even the best properties that you should acquire. Check out what makes the beach communities of Pierpont Beach, Ventura Keys, Solimar, Faria, and Rincon so attractive by getting in touch with us. We will provide you with keen insight and why a high-end luxury Pierpont Beach property is going to be your very own heaven on earth.