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Ventura Beach Real Estate – So Much to Choose From1234123

Learn more about all the great options available at the beach in Ventura
Ventura Beach Real Estate – So Much to Choose From

Ventura Keys, Pierpont, Rincon, Solimar, and Faria beach all come under the umbrella of Ventura beach real estate. Each beach has its own unique characteristics, and if you do not like one, you are bound to like the next one. In all, you have five choices to pick from and checking out all of them should not be an option, but a requirement.

If you are planning to reside near the beach, you need to find the perfect beach community to call home. Therefore, visiting the “fab five” is vital, as you do not want to regret your decision later on. Come on! Let us explore Ventura beach real estate to give you an insight on all that awaits you:

Rincon Beach: The Turf for Surfers

You have probably heard the name Rincon Beach mentioned in a Beach Boys song. Their song aroused people’s interest in Rincon Beach, and soon, saw it transform into an exclusive beach community. The beach community is built behind a gate.

Due to the Beach Boys’ recognition, surfers from all over the United States have taken to the beach’s amazing surf-worthy waves. The residents welcome surfers onto their beach, as they have their own private section of the beach to bury their feet deep inside the soft sand.

Solimar Beach: Personification of True Beauty

Rincon Beach might be the most exclusive property, but Solimar Beach is the most lavish. Almost every home besides two are located right on the beach, adding to its immense popularity and appeal amongst people. If you want, you can build your home to your liking and preferences.

There is no law in place telling you how tall you can build your beachfront property. The mornings on the beach are a sight to see with tides gently washing up ashore. Since the Solimar beach community is a tight-knit group of people, you feel as if you are part of a family.

Faria Beach: Bringing You Closer to the Waves

Do you want the water to brush up against your feet while you stand below your deck? Most of the beachfront properties of the community are situated on the boundary of Faria Beach. When the tides are at their highest, the waves will touch the decks and when the tides are at their lowest, take your family out to make sand castles.
You have the choice of choosing between two communities, a gated and non-gated one. The gated community has forty-eight houses and the non-gated community has 120 houses. Both communities are friendly, welcoming residents shifting in a beachfront home and visitors coming to tan in the sun.

Ventura Keys: The Perfect Balance of Serenity and Fun

Ventura Keys serves as the perfect balance of the calming sounds of waves and the hustle and bustle of chatter. Since the beach is near the city, people can take part in the nightlife by going out to eat and raid the retail stores.

After a long night of socializing and having a good time, come rest at the beach to block out all the noise. If you want to view the beach from the comfort of your home, you can purchase a house with a dock, overlooking the channel. Single-family homes are the only houses with their own docks. Other than that, you have your pick from duplexes to mansions.

Pierpont Beach: Takes You Back to Vintage California

Do you like everything to be within walking distance of your home? Residents that live in Pierpont Beach do not have to take out their car unnecessarily as every facility is a short walk away. Additionally, the residents reflect the idea of a 1960s community, small and friendly.

Even some of the beachfront properties imitate the structure of the 1950s architecture. You can also find newer developments in tuned with the modern era.

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