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Could You Answer the Door from Your Smartphone?

Thanks to a company called Ring, the answer is yes.  Invented by James Siminoff, the Ring doorbell mounts on the exterior of your home just like any standard doorbell but that is where the comparisons to the old technology stop.  James was having a conversation with his wife about caller ID and how it had revolutionized the phone industry.  Knowing who was on the line before answering the call gave incredible power and security to those receiving the call.  He asked his wife why this hadn’t come to home security yet.  Leveraging the increased efficiency of smartphones and the quality of smaller video cameras Ring was born.

Doorbells Have Gotten Smart

After installing Ring at your home you can answer your door (even speak to the person standing there) from the comfort of your couch, office, or even while sipping a cocktail on vacation.  Even better the system records activity at your doorstep using motion activated camera sensors to capture activity near your property.  The product has increased in popularity of late due to the increase in doorstep delivery thieves who are grabbing packages right from people’s homes in broad daylight.

For more information on Ring check out their website at

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